Rich Aucoin – Eulogy of Regret [Music Video]

Today, Rich Aucoin dropped the artsy pop music video for Eulogy of Regret.
The track is taken from the 2020 album United States and the upcoming deluxe version on April 23, 2021 via Haven Sounds.
This track to me sounds like IT part 2 and loving the great sing along chorus.

About the music video:
“I’m excited to share this video and finally release this track as a single, says Aucoin. “This was the last track written for United States and was the only one not conceived somewhere while on the bicycle.
I wrote it for director/musician/multi-disciplinary artist Dustin Harvey. Dustin hired me to write a 7 minute version of the song for a short film/theatre piece he was working on called How Quickly Things Change.

I liked the song and ended up cutting a track for United States so “Eulogy Of Regret” could take its place.
Now, full circle, Dustin and his team have made a shorter piece which also doubles an appropriate music video for the song. Some excellent animation by Aiden Searle and acting by Stephanie Yee.”

Eulogy of Regret gets:

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