Riches – Fantasy Chapel [Listen]

Today, Riches (Catherine McCandless of Young Galaxy) dropped the track called “Fantasy Chapel”.
It is the title track from the forthcoming new album which comes out on September 25, 2020.

About the song:
“Fantasy Chapel” is about how devotion to our work’s practices and rituals can create a place, a form, a structure. The lyrics are largely inspired by American artist Kiki Smith’s body of work.
Her exploration of themes of the natural world, feminism, religion, folklore, the human body, historical and fictional female characters, as well as the evocation of transformative spaces, are all elements of the pastoral but dark setting of the narrative of this soundtrack.

Musically, “Fantasy Chapel” features samples from Luboš Fišer’s soundtrack of the 1970 Czechoslovakian new wave film Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders.
Riches were drawn in by images and scenes of the film found online, while researching fantasy and horror films. The soundtrack is very beautiful and dream-like, featuring sounds of the environment and everyday life, as well as pastoral, timeless musical passages.
The samples fit seamlessly, helping achieve the stateliness and religiosity Riches wanted to achieve in the song.

Fantasy Chapel gets:

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