Run, Forever, Audio/Rocketry, Robots!Everywhere!! & The Enriques @ Robots!House!! [November 13, 2012]

Went to a pretty wild house show on November 13th.
It was the home to Robots!Everwhere!!
Playing at the show were:


Run, Forever

• The Enriques which is made up of Robots!Everwhere!! & Jonathan Becker

The show started off with Robots!Everywhere!!
Playing a nice short set of indie acoustic punk pop music.
Sometimes fun and hilarious.
He did play one new song which was in time for the Christmas holidays.

Next was Edmonton’s Audio/Rocketry.
They played a great indie folk punk rock music.
I really enjoyed their set!

After them was Pittsburgh’s Run, Forever.
They played an amazing loud punk rock music!

Lastly it was the Enriques.
It was so bad that it was hilariously good fun times!
Basically it was Phil and Jonathan singing karaoke (singing over) Enrique Iglesias songs.
With the help of Laura holding a sign of the lyrics to the songs of Hero, Be With You, Escape, Bailamos & Tonight.
What took the cake was them doing their version of “Tonight (I’m F**king You)” probably due to the f-bomb being dropped various times.
It got me cracking up.
It was one wild heck of a house show!

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