Sea Oleena, Norvaiza & Kaitlin Prest @ Pressed [November 25, 2012]

I forgot to upload these photos from the show I went on November 25th.
Playing at Pressed was:
Sea Oleena


Kaitlin Prest

The show started off with Kaitlin Prest.
She is a audio artist, using her skills in radio broadcasting to create documentary, performance and installation work.
Let’s call the piece she played was “Narrative Music”.
Check out this track called “Our Story“.

Second was Norvaiza.
It was my first time seeing this act but technically I’ve seen Todd played in a different band which was The Winks.
Norvaiza is mostly his own works of music.
The music was mostly indie folk pop-rock with some added dreamy feel.
I really like the set.

Lastly I caught most of Sea Oleena’s set.
I really love their music of dreamy pop folktronica.
The brother-sister act played mostly new material.
It was very warm chillaxing and intimate.

Overall a nice intimate Sunday show.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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