Several Futures, Bonnie Doon and Lovecraft @ Gabba Hey! [May 6, 2016]

Another show that happened on May 6th took place at Gabba Hey! and presented by Ottawashowbox.
Performing at the show was Several Futures, Bonnie Doon and Lovecraft.
It was a mix of post-punk, surf rock and synth electro music.

Several Futures @ Gabba Hey!
Toronto’s Several Futures rocked it out with their loud post-punk music. Wasn’t aware that Jonny Dovercourt who is the program director of Wavelength Music Series is in this band. It was really a great set!
Bonnie Doon @ Gabba Hey!
Boonie Doon was the second band to perform. This time it was all four members and put on a great surf rock set.
Lovecraft @ Gabba Hey!
Due to circumstances with the one band that was suppose to perform but had to cancel. Last minute replacement was Lovecraft. Performed a experimental synth-electro set.

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