SHADY NASTY – R0LL1N’ H1LLZ (feat. Yoni Yen) [Music Video]

Australian band SHADY NASTY dropped the music video for R0LL1N’ H1LLZ which features Yoni Yen.
The track is taken from their upcoming EP Clubsmoke which is out on October 8, 2021 via Royal Mountain Records and PIAS Australia.
A mellow and hazy experimental electro-rock tune.

About the track:
“R0LL1N’ H1LLZ” is a stark departure from the band as they ruminate on the inevitable downward spiral that comes after living large, coupled with a sparse and expansive video directed by drummer Luca Watson and frequent collaborator Harry Welsh.

““R0LL1N’ H1LLZ” is the comedown,” the band explained.
“It is your phone hitting 0% on the long and solitary journey home, each bus stop on the night-rider leaving you more sober than the last.”

R0LL1N’ H1LLZ gets:

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