Short excerpt of the Diamond Rings interview

On April 8, 2010.
Emily Jeffers and I got to interview Diamond Rings.
This was one of the wildest interview I have done.
Because it took place in the washroom at Mavericks.
Diamond Rings @ Mavericks
Here is a short excerpt of the interview.
MW: Would you say your music is inspired by the new wave, dance, poppy music of the 1980s?

DR: Certain elements. I enjoy a lot of that music. I have every New Order album. I listen to a tonne of stuff.
When I’m writing a song, I’m rarely thinking of making it sound like anything other than what’s best for the song, and writing something that’s good.
Certain things come out maybe more obviously than others, and it’s great if people want to draw those comparisons, but I just kinda make it and throw it out there, and hopefully people pick up on it.

MW: What do you think of Green Go‘s remix of it?

DR: It’s cool. It’s wicked. It’s totally great.
Remixes are fun. I’ve been starting to do more of them myself.

Full interview is

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