Show Review: Blazer, Urban Aesthethics and The Ghost Is Dancing

On June 13th, I hit up Zaphods to listen to some nice fun music.
The bands that were playing were:
The Urban Aesthethics (Found out now that it was their last show since they broken up)
The Ghost Is Dancing

I was more excited about the Ghost Is Dancing because I heard one of their song on CBC Radio and heard good things about the new album.
I didn’t know Rajiv of Oh No Forest Fires is touring with them.

The first band was Blazer.
Blazer @ Zaphods
Haven’t seen them live in awhile.
They sounded fun and crazy. Not sure if they are finished with a EP or something.
At least people showed up for their support.

The second band is now the defunct band The Urban Aesthetics.
The Urban Aesthetics @ Zaphods
Not a shame since two of the members are moving to Toronto.
Well Jen wasn’t singing with them and it was mostly a four-piece band.
Kind of sad that they are no more but I hope the other members will be in another band.

Finally The Ghost Is Dancing and they surely put on a wild fun set.
The Ghost Is Dancing @ Zaphods
Blew me away with they catchy songs and sang mostly new stuff from the album Battles On.
Seeing Rajiv going crazy at the guitars was fun to see.
I surprised they sang a cover of TLC’s Waterfalls, that was very unique to listen to.
Don’t know why I haven’t found out about that band,
This is a band you have to see live too.
Also get their album Battles On, it is amazing I can’t stop listening to that album.

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