Review: Dinosaur Bones and The Lovely Feathers

After the show at Zaphods, I decided to head up to Mavericks (at first I thought the show was at Cafe Dekcuf which happened to be some heavy metal show).
The bands playing at Mavericks that I got there in time were:
Dinosaur Bones and The Lovely Feather.
I missed Loon Choir and Fire Heats Water.
Surprised by the moderate turnout at this show.

Dinosaur Bones which I came in late, got there and they played about four songs.
Dinosaur Bones @ Mavericks
Fun as always live.
Gotta love Brenko doing crazy guitar moves.
So far its been my third time seeing them.
They surely love Ottawa alot!
EP is great, love the song NYE.

I didn’t stay long for the Lovely Feathers.
The Lovely Feathers @ Mavericks
Their music is nice and fun.
Surprised that they have a strong following with the people that were at the show.
Should get their album and listen to it.

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