Bonjour Brumaire and The D’Urbervilles @ UofO’s 1848

Tonight I went to University of Ottawa to check out the 2 bands who I wanted to see.

The bands were Bonjour Brumaire and The D’Urbervilles.
Apparently there was a last minute addition.
A singer from the USA named Samuel Markus.
His music reminds me of Damien Rice or James Blunt but with no British accent.
The music he was playing was nice and it was great to listen to.

After Samuel was Bonjour Brumaire.
I was more excited to see them since it was my third time.
First was a show in Ottawa and second was at Osheaga.
Besides not understanding a word of French, they rocked the place.
Amazing set they put on.
Finally I bought their album and got it autograph as usual.
Was there to support them.
Review of the album will be coming soon.
I should polish up my french.
Bonjour Brumaire @ 1848
Finally was The D’Urbervilles.
Well I didn’t get a chance to see the whole set.
Besides I’ve seen them alot so far this year.
I got to hear 2 tracks one being “We Are Hunters”. What a song.
Maybe next time when they come back to Ottawa.
The D'Urbervilles @ 1848
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