Show Review: 5 bands, 2 venues in one building

Crazy Friday night and it still doesn’t feel like winter yet.
So much stuff in the Ottawa music scene, so little time to attend them.
Just got back from Mavericks/Cafe Dekcuf seeing 5(Well 6 since I missed that other band) different bands.
It felt like a R&B/hip-hop night at Mavericks because of the music they were playing which was fun.
While Cafe Dekcuf was playing alternative, post-punk music.
The bands that were playing at Cafe Dekcuf were:

At Mavericks it was:

Crazy for me since I was running up and down the stairs seeing these bands playing.
Dekcuf was mostly the Canadian Indie music while Maverick was indie American.

On to Cafe Dekcuf, the first band playing was Centretown Cripplers.
Interesting band and when they played, blew me away.
They have that garage rock sound.
Could have more time to see them play but too many conflicts.
Centretown Cripplers @ Cafe Dekcuf

After them was Oh No Forest Fires
Oh man! they tored the roof off Dekcuf!!
Their music was crazy, loud, guitar driven and amazing.
Blew me away with their set.
Glad I got their album which I hopefully be reviewing and get it autographed.
Oh No Forest Fires @ Cafe Dekcuf

Now on to Mavericks.
First band was Fucked Corpse.
Just say their fans are pretty wild, alot of moshing around.
Insanity is crazy.
Music is great, loud, crazy and insane. That’s what happens when you attend a punkish show.
Just the name would get people interested. It did for Holy Fuck.
As long they don’t piss of the government.
F**ked Corpse @ Mavericks
After them was Best Fwends and they had a interesting set up on the stage.
Funny and fun, I thought.
Music was great and people went crazy.
Best Fwends @ Mavericks
Finally it was Matt and Kim.
They are such nice people.
When they play it was very crazy, very fun.
Somehow I was happy with their music.
Before the show ended Matt fell and it was crazy.
He made it up by singing 2 more songs.
They bring a good vibe when they play.
Glad I bought their album and got it autograph.
Matt & Kim @ Mavericks
Fun night for me!!
Sure put a stamp on my memory!
Rest of the photos on here.

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