Show Review: Four bands at Zaphods

Monday is always a fuzzy night considering people blowing lots of money during the weekend.
Since I’ve been into the “indie” scene, Monday and Tuesday are probably the hardest nights to pull people into the city.
Anyways, I went to Zaphods for Free Monday Music Night and it was also a CBC Radio 2 taping for an audition to choose which of the four bands to be featured on Canada Live.
Bands were:

Of course all four bands are from good ol’ Ottawa.
Just want to say hi to Jenny, Luca, Gilda, Sean, and whoever is reading this.
Interesting enough I got all four CDs by each band. Now I get to check out each CDs and review them.

The Sunjet (now shorten and removed Records Band) who I’ve seen them three times now.
They went from 7 to 6.
Music is indie rock-alternative.
Great as always, and I think they added the electronic beats this time and I thought it sounded great and interesting.
Usually they don’t bring the laptop, I guess they are experimenting.
Great people too.
The Sunjets at Zaphods
After them was That’s The Spirit.
It was the first time to hear Ben Wilson play live.
I thought it was just a solo thing but he had his band to help him out.
Music is indie pop-rock with a influence of the Beach Boys.
I enjoyed his set very much.
Had that vintage sound style
That's The Spirit at Zaphods
After them was The Urban Aesthetics.
First time seeing them and heard they put on a great show.
And a big band that somewhat shrunken.
Doesn’t matter, their set was great.
Has that poppy rock alternative sound and I really much liked it.
Nice melodies and catchy.
Fun band to listen to.
The Urban Aesthetics at Zaphods
Finally it was the Polytones.
This band has such a fun and wild energy on stage.
Due to the lead singer going crazy on stage and nice vocals.
Poppy fun and great to dance to their music.
Their music is very enjoyable.
The Polytones at Zaphods
All four were amazing and I am not sure which one of them will be on CBC Radio 2’s Canada Live.
We will just have to wait and find out.
I really want all four but I would have to say………

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