Show Review: New Teeth @ Mavericks

Finally gotten a chance to see the band New Teeth play.
Usually they kind of conflicted with my schedules or I just happen to miss them.
New Teeth @ Mavericks
This was my first time to check them out.
They opened up for Lioness and The D’Urbervilles.
New Teeth @ Mavericks
Music is very indie alternative punk.
Very fun and high energy.
I didn’t stay long because there was another show upstairs that I needed to check out.
Hope to see them at upcoming shows in Ottawa.

Wish I gotten their EP too.
Go check them out.

I wish I got to see Lioness and The D’Urbervilles but I jetted off to another show.
But I did heard abit of Lioness and it was very electro-dance.
Wish those two bands would come back again.

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