Show Review: Plants and Animal – Ottawa U

Another related University show I went again.
But this time it was held at University of Ottawa and not a big arena.
It was held at Cafe Alternatif.
Guess who I went to see?
It was Plants and Animals, this was my sixth time seeing them.
Yes I am a crazed fan.
Great night of rocking fun music.

The show was for Relay for Life. (Someone give me the info what that charity does.)
Angela Desveaux @ Ottawa U
The opener was Angela Desveaux.
This was my second time seeing her. She played on March 26th and I should try and make a review from that show.
Her music is folk-rock-pop and is frequently played on CBC Radio 3.
Funny enough I went up to her and said that I thought she was from Ottawa but she is from Montreal.
Two band members who are the Mighty Ships are from Ottawa. One being the lead singer of Snailhouse.
She is a great singer and check her out live.
Plants and Animals @ Ottawa U
After her was finally Plants and Animals.
All I have to say they always put on a killer show live.
Not enough explaining since they are photos I’ve taken of them somewhere.
First song they sang was Lola Who?
Never sounded better live.
Plants and Animals @ Ottawa U
Sang a new song which hasn’t been named yet and I was blown away by it. 
Next week they mentioned that they will be recording the next album.
Other tracks they sang were Good Friends, Feedback In The Field, A L’Oree des Bois, Mercy, Faerie Dance and Bye Bye Bye.

Love hearing Mercy which everyone started singing.
Faerie Dance was amazing and I couldn’t stop dancing.
Bye Bye Bye I couldn’t stop singing and I was suprised that they used an Autoharp this time.

Encore was Guru/Sinnerman.
Totally rock everyone away.
The audience that was the show was having a great time.
Sixth time seeing them is insane for myself.

Here is another review from CBC Radio 3’s blog 


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