Slow Down, Molasses – Minor Deaths [Streaming]

Today the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan band Slow Down, Molasses dropped their album Minor Deaths via Noyes Records (North America) / Divine Schism (United Kingdom).
Minor Death is their first album in five years, is filled with scorching sonic heavy guitar rocking sound kind of record.
This will get you rocking out big time.

About the album:
Confronting bristling anxious energy with highly-pronounced pop edges, Slow Down Molasses has never been shy about traversing shifting sonic territories. In their latest iteration, the four-piece plunge deep into delay trails and feedback decay with a sound steeped in existential dread and simmering guitar rock post-punk sunshine.

While their 2016 album ‘100% Sunshine’ forged new sounds within a group already known for constant evolution, it also saw the band develop an increasingly euphoric live performance, which saw them playing on stages worldwide. Retreating to their Saskatoon studio, ruminating on the sonic afterburn left in their wake, Slow Down Molasses are ready to emerge with a new LP -easily their most concise and devastating work yet.

‘Minor Deaths’ is a suite of eight songs that make controlled swerves into melodic indie rock landscapes while paying homage to the tightly-wound nervousness of post-punk unease.

Having shared the stage with like-minded groups such as Deerhoof, Animal Collective, Swervedriver and Built to Spill, Slow Down Molasses are once again gearing up to take their explosive live show to audiences worldwide.

Minor Deaths gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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