Smith Westerns & Dusted @ Artscape Gibraltar Point [June 14, 2012]

The bonfire

This wasn’t NXNE related kind of showcase but I was very lucky to check out this unique show on Toronto Island.
It was the Vice/Jansport Bonfire Sessions that took place at Artscape Gibraltar Point.
I wasn’t expecting to go to this show and was planing to go to the Mod Club.
I was convinced by the Pop Montreal people to go to this and I was like “why not, what’s the worst can happen?”.
I wouldn’t give up a chance to see Smith Westerns since I haven’t seen them live before.

Hopped on the ferry which I have never taken before.
Here is a snap shot.

Apparently we took the long route but it was still amazing to see the cityscape.
We got off and it was a long walk to get to the place.
Felt like eternity and when we got there the Toronto band Dusted was playing.
I was going to see them anyways later that night.
Dusted is a new duo comprised of Brian Borcherdt (Holy F*ck) and Leon Taheny.
I got there for the last song and it was pretty rocking good.
Wait for my whole review from their set at El Mocambo.
Dusted @ Artscape Gibraltar Point
Sucks when you get there late, you miss out the food which happened to be tacos.
On the flip side there was free beer.
Also great was people on the stage was giving away Jansport bags.
I rushed up and got myself a Jansport bag, it is a white one.

Finally Smith Westerns came up.
I couldn’t be anymore excited and they played a nice indie rock set.
Probably with the beer I had I really wanted cry 😛
Totally enjoyed their set.
Smith Westerns @ Artscape Gibraltar Point
Met alot of people at this show.
This was probably the best non-NXNE show I had been that week.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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