Snow Blink and Timber Timbre @ Black Sheep Inn

November 26th was a wonderful show be at the Black Sheep Inn.
Playing there was Snowblink and Timber Timbre.

Both acts I’ve seen more than once now this year.

Also the show was being taped for CBC Radio which is very good for both acts to get their music out across Canada.
Snowblink @ Black Sheep Inn
The first act was Snowblink.
Also great live and I’ve beginning to love their music.
Which I finally bought Snowblink’s Long Live.
Music was very dreamy and atmospheric.
There was a part of the set that they needed audience participation which Daniela before the set was passing around bells and chimes.
I can’t wait to hear how that goes on the radio broadcast or podcast.
Glad to finally get to play one of the bells, last time when they played Dekcuf. I didn’t find or get a chance to play them.
They are such a lovely cute pair of musicians.
Snowblink @ Black Sheep InnSnowblink @ Black Sheep Inn
Lastly it was Timber Timbre’s set.
I was so glued to this set that I didn’t take any photos.
It was brilliantly haunting with the music he played.
I wasn’t scared just was spine chilling with the music he puts out.
This time he was accompanied by Miko Posen from Forest City Lovers and a guy playing the steel guitars and autoharp.
His set was nonstop and there was a bit in between where the audience would applaud after the song ended.
What a show!
Him playing at the Black Sheep Inn suited the style of music big time.
Also added to the intimate atmosphere with the music too.
Show was so amazing, I think I could have hear a pin drop.

Overall it was an amazing show to be attended.

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