Spencer Burton – Memories We Won’t Soon Forget [Music Video]

Ex-Attack in Black member Spencer Burton (Grey Kingdom) dropped the single and music video called Memories We Won’t Soon Forget which is out on Still Records.
Very twangy-country-esque song for those who enjoy that style and the music video is nicely done with its retro grainy Super 8mm footage.

About the song:
Memories We Won’t Soon Forget is about loss, greed and change.
Equal parts gentle and powerful, Burton leans into his country roots with this ballad-esque slow jam that stands out as some of his best songwriting yet.

Spencer recognizes that “we’re losing the things that matter. Our small towns, and with them the memories we’ve created here. No Sunday drive reminders if there’s nowhere to drive but the mall. On a weekly basis, I see old homes torn down for mansions, corn fields removed for subdivisions, and small businesses washed away for big box stores. It’s a sad thing to see. A most unwelcome change.”

Memories We Won’t Soon Forget gets:

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