Said The Whale, In-Flight Safety & Graham Wright @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

It was a fun and crazy March 26th sold out show at Zaphod Beeblebrox with:

I’ve seen Said The Whale and In-Flight Safety alot of times.
So there is no need for those two for any introduction.
The only one was Graham Wright.

For those that don’t know, Graham Wright plays in the band Tokyo Police Club.
For the time being, he is on his own with his solo music.
His solo stuff is far different from what we are use to with Tokyo Police Club.
I was more surprised with his set that night since it was Graham Wright and The Good Times.
I was thinking that his set would be very acoustic but I was wrong.
He was totally loud and rocking it.
I didn’t know that one of his bands members, he plays in Will Currie and The Country French.
Great set Graham put on.
His solo album won’t come out until the fall.

In-flight Safety was up next.
They always put on a great lively show.
Apparently the band wants to move to Ottawa since the fans that were in the show love their music.
I loved hearing Model Homes live.
It was a great set, that surprisingly they had a encore.
Also the band members are really nice.

Finally it was Said The Whale turns to perform.
Of all the shows I’ve seen them live in Ottawa, they had a big turnout.
Probably due to the BC Scene last year.
This time I decided to sing their songs out loud.
Songs like This City’s A Mess, The Light Is You, Out Of The Shield (My favorite) and Goodnight Moon.

Their performance made the people in Ottawa very happy.
Its glad to see them do very well.
I just found out that I have been a fan since 2008.
It was a great and fun show.
Guessing that the snow has melted and things are picking up now for the Ottawa music scene.

Here is my interview with Ben. (Sorry there might be some pausing in the interview, I had a brain fart)

Also you should purchase Islands Disappear

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