Suuns, Savages, Lioness, Valleys & Decades @ Lee’s Palace (CMW 2013) [March 23, 2013]

To finish off my CMW 2013 adventures.
I decided to stay at Lee’s Palace for this great showcase.
Playing at the show:
Suuns @ Lee's Palace
Savages @ Lee's Palace
Lioness @ Lee's Palace
Valleys @ Lee's Palace
Decades @ Lee's Palace

Wow five acts in one big venue during CMW!
First band to see was Toronto’s Decades.
They had that indie new wave rock sound.
Decades @ Lee's Palace
Second was Montreal’s Valleys.
I was glad to see their set.
Kind of different this time since they didn’t have a drummer.
It was more synth-prog-rock!
Nice to hear tracks from their upcoming Kanine debut album “Are You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?”
Matilda was sporting a Passovah t-shirt too!
Valleys @ Lee's Palace

Third was Lioness.
I hadn’t seen them play in quite awhile.
They played a great indie dance-rock set.
Nice to see the audience dancing to their music.

I got to see UK’s Savages.
There was alot of buzz surrounding them during CMW.
They bought down the house down with their punk rock music.
At that time a friend gave me a drink and I was abit tipsy.
These girls can go at it with their music! Very glad to see this set!

Last band to play was Suuns!
Very excited for this set!
They played mostly from the new album “Images du Futur”.
At least I got to hear them play 2020, Mirror Mirror and Edie’s Dream (which I felt they played a extended version of it)
Suuns @ Lee's Palace

Over this ended off my Saturday and CMW for 2013
Here are the rest of the photos.

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