TDA – Ascète [Streaming]

Today the band that was formerly known as Trafic des airs dropped the long awaited debut album Ascète via Michel Records.
TDA is the new project from Montreal based no-wave/dance-punk band VICTIME, Samuel Gougoux.
This album is 30 minutes full of dark claustrophobic experimental post-punk noise rock tune.

About the album:
Ascète presents a compelling and pummeling document. Under the moniker TDA, Samuel Gougoux utilizes drums, various triggers and effects and affected vocals to create a menacing and propulsive form of post-punk that lurches towards a full-stop like a fist into a brick wall. Fans of murky minimal wave to Liars experiements with percussion will find a lot to love here.

This peculiar energy is transposed on the album with a sense of minimalistic urgency and syncopated, abrasive melodies, inspired by the branches and the light patterns emanating through the shadows. There is a sense of movement within sound and spaces that resonate on Ascète. The multi-instrumentist carries the fragile balance of each sound, transforming it to the point where the origin is like a blurry vision. Whether it is from analog samplings (wooden ropes, water drops) or electronic sound, TDA plays with sounds from his surroundings to build the atmosphère on each song. His musical endeavor will be completed with a limited-edition photo zine of pictures he took while recording the album, a compilation of images captured by Gougoux, aimed at documenting the artist’s whereabouts and doings during the composition stage, providing an intimate breach into his reclusion, one filled with darkness, light, timberland and its million branches.

Though drawing inspiration from the same artistic currents as the EP did, TDA’s full-length bears a different mood, more contemplative, and also quite gloomy. Through its music and lyrics, Gougoux deploys his many cogitations on intuition, personal mystique, and self-restriction, recounting and/or sharing stories one invents based on one’s context in life.

Ascète gets:

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