Teen Daze – Breathing Tides [Streaming]

Today Abbotsford, British Columbia Teen Daze dropped this new EP called Breathing Tides.
Three beautiful calming and surrealistic dreamy ambient music.
Where you can get lost to deep listening and feel like you are stressless world.

About the EP:
Following last year’s Reality Refresh series, which leaned more towards balearic and house sounds, Breathing Tides is a collection of wintery, cinematic ambient pieces.
While Teen Daze has usually used these types of textures and sounds as the foundation for more traditional pop structures, this EP takes a much more minimalist approach.

Breathing Tides relaxes, and aims to create a sense of calm for the listener.
A collection of pieces that can reward a listener with a deep listening experience, or create a mood as background music.

Breathing Tides gets:

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