Telecomo – Promo Only [Review]

Telecomo (from left to right): Pat Johnson (drums), Adam Saikaley (Hey! Vocals/Guitars) and Gary Franks (Bass)

Finally the long awaited Adam Saikaley rock project has been shown the light of day.
Supposedly his band was supposed to be called Nohwave but looks like they are called Telecomo.
Here is a description:
Telecomo is a new three-piece garage rock outfit from Canada.
The group is high energy and the music is earnest.
Each song comes in quick bursts and with a beguiling melodic depth.
Trading metaphors for direct action, Adam Saikaley (Vocals, Guitar) brings a message of sincerity. Backed by longtime friends and collaborators Pat Johnson (Drums) and Gary Franks (Bass), Telecomo is succinct and eager.

It’s been a long time that Adam went back to his rock roots.
Adam was in a band called Videotape.
Call it the next generation.
It took me some time to get used to hearing Adam sing since it has been about 5 years.
But anyways hearing the four tracks, there was more of a garage rock dirty grungey sound.
I really enjoyed listening to the tracks.

I’d give this:

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