Terramatter @ Ottawa City Hall Gallery

Another art opening took place at Ottawa City Hall Art Gallery with Terramatter on October 10, 2019.
Terramatter is a group exhibition by Helga Jakobson, Gillian King and Whitney Lewis-Smith.
About the exhibition:
All three artist frame this exhibition as a triptych, divided into three layers based on geologic time and layers of the earth.
When we look at the stratification of earth, of geologic time, the layers operate as separate and distinct while, of course, in intimate relation to one another – inextricably bound by the forces of compaction.
In working together, Jakobson, King and Lewis-Smith embrace the entanglement of their processes as a way of being in the world and being in relation – learning new techniques from one another (cyanotype, liquid tinting) and supporting the material exchange between their works through working with plants they have cultivated and cared for.
They have extended the invitation to collaborate not just to one another, but also to their plant and vegetal others.
– Katie Lawson (Curator)

The exhibition runs until December 3rd and free to the public.

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