Thank You Le Temporaire: Memories of Photographs

Come to great sadness this past week with the news of Le Temporaire closing.

A post shared by FET.NAT (@fet.nat) on Translation:
Temporary 2009-2017
The time has come for us to fulfil our mandate: the temporary will have been temporary. Since 1 October, we are no longer tenants of the 75st Redeemer and we have definitely ended our activities. The temporary is a jouissive in the artistic life of old hull, but also a huge part of the lives of several people. Thank you to all those who rented the spaces, who have been involved, who have organized events, who have produced it or have simply been made as TV. Thanks to you, the temporary seemed to be eternal.

Ferriswheel @ Le Temporaire
This was probably my first show at Le Temporaire. The band is Ferriswheel, date was December 8, 2011.
Absolutely Free @ Le Temporaire
Absolutely Free – January 19, 2013.
The Luyas @ Le Temporaire
The Luyas – June 24, 2013. Guess who showed up to this show? David Bryne!!
WTCHS @ Le Temporaire
WTCHS – May 23, 2015

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