The Rural Alberta Advantage and Yukon Blonde @ Bronson Centre

Tuesday night at the Bronson Centre with The Rural Alberta Advantage and Yukon Blonde.

Yukon Blonde @ Bronson Centre
Starting off the show was Vancouver’s Yukon Blonde.
Wasn’t too long that they were in Ottawa but this time was more of an indoor affair.
They played mostly materials from Tiger Talk and On Blonde plus the 2017 track Crazy and Emotional Blackmail.
Entertaining fun set!
The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Bronson Centre
Then it was The Rural Alberta Advantage’s turn to perform.
The band recently released their fourth album The Wild and is touring to promote it.
Also, it was the first time with Robin Hatch.
Felt like the band hasn’t changed and it was so great hearing them play songs like Stamp, Don’t Haunt This Place, Drain The Blood, Brother, White Light, Beacon Hill and much more!
Wonderful show the RAA puts on and having the audience sing out loud!

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