The Balconies with Birthday Boys and The Gallop [October 27, 2011]

The Balconies @ Live Lounge
Another jam packed October 27, 2011.
After checking out Babes4Breast Benefit Concert.
I headed to the Live Lounge to see The Balconies, Birthday Boys and The Gallop play.
Wanted to support The Balconies when they return for a homecoming show of Ottawa!

The Gallop @ Live Lounge
The show started off with Ottawa’s The Gallop.
I haven’t seen them live in awhile.
Noticed they have two new members. One being Phillipe Charbonneau who plays in various bands in the Ottawa area.
One being Ferriswheel and his brother Mathieu plays in The Luyas (New Ferriswheel album coming out in December!).
Their sound is somewhat changed from last time.
But they put on a great set with their indie rock music.
The Birthday Boys @ Live Lounge
Next was Birthday Boys from Peterborough.
All I can say was their set was very loud!
Like loud indie rock!
I like their light sign they had.
They got people on their feet.
Very wild set.
The Balconies @ Live Lounge
Lastly it was the Balconies!
Sort of a birthday party for Jacquie (technically her birthday was on October 21st).
They always put on a great live performance.
They previewed alot of new tracks which is more on the harder rock side!
The vibe at the show was great.
The Balconies @ Live Lounge
Here are the rest of the photos.

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