The Danks – Are You Afraid Of The Danks (Review)

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Got the new Danks album “Are You Afraid Of The Danks” which doesn’t come out until June 30th.
So here is my review for their album.
Have to say they are very similiar to Two Hours Traffic since two of the members are in that band.
Basically its like saying both are them are like brohters.
THT being the happy one while The Danks is the fun crazy one.
Here is a quote from Killbeat Music:

Driven by small-town boredom and a severe distaste for contemporary pop, the Danks deliver a fistful of excitement with the follow-through of a wrecking ball in a Beverly Hills mansion.
Recorded under sweltering circumstances in a Haligonian mini-mall, the quartet pounded out, among other things, the unflinchingly catchy ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DANKS.
Recruiting Super Friendz alumni Charles Austin to man the mics and ex-Thrush Hermit bassman Ian MacGettigan to caress the faders, this anti-workaday foursome bashed out twelve no-nonsense pop blasts that barely clock in at thirty minutes.
With cowboy capitalists sitting high on the Canadian bacon and the Buzzcocks approaching senior citizenry, the Danks propose an alternative economy, one that deals strictly in the currency of cool.”

Don’t want to compare both bands as the same.
The Danks has more of a garage rock pop sound.
They have that East coast sound with a blend of British sound (mostly the lead singer sounds very much like Kelly Jones of The Stereophonics)
More focused on the guitars and a harder edge sound.
All the twelve tracks are in the two minute range which leaves me wanting more for longer songs.
If you like poppy rock stuff, this one album you should get.
Also a band you want to see live too.
I was lucky to see them live with Two Hours Traffic back in November 2008 (see photos).

Best tracks:

  • What We’re Doing
  • Who Knows
  • Die Young
  • [audio:]
  • Automocar (Love the title of the song)
  • Treaty Connector (Frequently played on CBC Radio 3)
  • In Alright
  • 374

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