The Depreciation Guild – Spirit Youth

This is going to be a short review on this album.
Just because I want people to check out the Depreciation Guild.
After seeing the Depreciation Guild play at Il Motore and was wowed by their set on April 3, 2010.
I just had to purchase their album before the drop date which is April 13, 2010 (Digital) and May 18, 2010 (Physical).
It is their second album to date.
I was not aware that Kurt Feldman is in another band called The Pains Of Being Pure at Heart.
This album has this experimental pop-alternative dream like feel.
Also this New York City 1980s rocking synth sound too.
Reminds me of a mix of The Jesus Of Mary Chain, Chairlift and Asobi Seksu.

Best tracks:

  • My Chariot
  • Blue Lily
  • Dream About Me
  • Trace
  • A Key Turns
  • Spirit Youth
  • Through the Snow
  • White Moth

Overall I really love this album.
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