The Dodos + The Luyas = The Duyas/The Lodos Show @ Mavericks

It was a sold out show at Mavericks on September 17, 2011.
Playing at the show was The Dodos and The Luyas.
Or as I like to called either The Duyas or The Lodos show.
The Luyas @ Mavericks

It’s been awhile since The Luyas played in Ottawa.
Last time was in December 2010 at Raw Sugar Cafe.
So it has been a long time coming for them to be back in Ottawa.
Last time I saw them was at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern during NXNE and it was great seeing them play in Toronto. (That really doesn’t count :P)
Surprised that Christopher Reimer (ex-Women) was helping out the Luyas and The Dodos for their live set. [Oh how I miss Women! :(]
The Luyas @ Mavericks
I have to say The Luyas seem to get better every time they play live in Ottawa.
This has to be their biggest set they have played so far in Ottawa.
The Dodos was on stage for about two songs which was cool to see both bands collaborate to each others songs.
They played some new tracks for either an LP or EP.
Favorite was the last of the new song and it was so brilliantly amazing.
They didn’t get to play Worth Mentioning but they played Tiny Head which made up for the crazy light show they usually do.

Afterwards it was the Dodo’s turn.
At first I thought it would be a full band but it was just Meric and Logan with Chris Reimer on the bass
All I can say it wow they surely impressed the audience who was at the show.
The Dodos @ Mavericks
Into the second or third song, Jessie and Pietro of The Luyas came up on stage and joined them for a song.
It was something to see!
I didn’t stay for their whole set and left after the fifth song.
But I was having a fun time.
The Dodos @ Mavericks
Overall it was an awesome show!
Here are the rest of the photos.
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