The Luyas – Animator [Review]

Montreal’s The Luyas in my opinion is a small band with a big innovative sound.
With the vocals of Jessie Stein, keyboard/Wurlitzer Mathieu Charboneau, French Horn player Pietro Amato, violinist Sarah Neufeld and drummer Bucky Wheaton.
This is what they did on their third album “Animator” out on Dead Oceans and Paper Bag Records.
While I find the album cover reminding me of Smashing Pumpkins circa Mellon Collie/Adore era.
Actually it’s a photo of the late 19th century modern dancer and icon of the Art Nouveau movement, Loïe Fuller.
It is more dreamier and abit darker (in mellow terms) than their last album Too Beautiful to Work.

Animator is more of a personal album for Jessie.
It was stated in a interview that someone close to them had passed away and it deeply affected the lead singer.
When you listen to the almost 9 minute epic starter Montuno which is setup in three different movements which is stated in their lyrics site.
One of my favorite tracks on the album and I didn’t know it has a deeper meaning.
While Fifty Fifty is the only track which I find is the only indie rock sound to it.
Talking Mountains definitely is my favorite which is a haunting in it’s lo-fi guitar vocal track.
Overall I think it is their strangest record to date.
If you love the orchestral arrangements and dreamy aspects, you should definitely get Animator.
Best tracks:

  • Montuno
  • Fifty Fifty
  • Face
  • Your Name’s Mostly Water
  • Earth Turner
  • Talking Mountains
  • Channeling

I’d give Animator 10/10.
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