The Luyas & Hilotrons @ Le Temporaire [June 24, 2013]

Definitely was a hot Monday night.
You might call this the final night for Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2013.
Went to a great show at Le Temporaire in Gatineau.
Playing at the show:
The Luyas
The Luyas @ Le Temporaire
Hilotrons @ Le Temporaire

Hilotrons started off the show.
It was a wonderful and elaborate set.
Accompanied by Philippe Charbonneau and another member who’s name escapes me.
Played tracks like Emergency, Not There Tonight and Venus At Your Back Door.
Hilotrons @ Le Temporaire
After that set ended, all of a sudden I heard people saying that David Byrne is at this show.
I was all surprised and with some friend got a group shot.
He really enjoyed the show too.
My friend said that he was very intrigued with Jessie’s “Moodswinger”.
Here it is.

After all this, it was back to normal.
The Luyas started to play.
I finally got to see them play live full show this year, having missed them out last year.
It was a beautiful set.
Nice light show with the flickering lightbulbs.
A relative of the band members just got up and danced for a few seconds.
Great to see Stefan back to drumming with the band since their current drummer is busy.
Loved hearing Fifty Fifty, Montuno (Favorite song) and Too Beautiful To Work.
The Luyas @ Le Temporaire
Overall a wonderful show to be at.
Here are the photos.

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