The Steve Adamyk Band – Forever Won’t Wait [Review]

Guess who is back with a new album?
Ottawa’s The Steve Adamyk Band returns with another great power pop punk record called Forever Can’t Wait which drops on November 15, 2011.
It is a follow-up to the self-titled album (aka Krakk! KaPow! Bamm!).

This time they are signed to Dirtnap Records.
Still sounds the same with it’s catchy lyrics and punky guitar sounds.
There are some heavier tracks in I Run Wild, Gonna Die and Ontario.
Nice that they wrote the song Ontario which is a homage of the province they live.
Not sure if they went political on the song Election Day which is another great track.
While I thought Landslide was a cover of Fleetwood Mac which it isn’t but they did a cover of the Dickies with X-Eyes Tammy.
With eleven tracks totaling at 22 minutes, I really wanted more tracks or songs that is pass the 2 minute mark.
Overall this is a fun record to listen.

Best tracks:

  • Take It Back
  • Landslide
  • I Run Wild
  • Forever Can’t Wait
  • Election Day
  • Only Wanted You To Know
  • Ontario
  • Bored of Love
  • Never Wake Up
  • X-Eyed Tammy (Dickies)

I’d give Forever Can’t Wait 9.4/10.
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