The Streets – Computers and Blues [Review]

Today is the day that Mike Skinner’s The Streets releases his fifth and final album called “Computers and Blues.
After promoting and touring for this album, Mike Skinner will no longer become “The Streets”.
The official website has a closed signed.

Computers and Blues is a mix of UK Garage, Alternative Hip Hop and Electronica.
I haven’t followed The Streets after his 2004 A Grand Don’t Come For Free.
From what I heard the two albums The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living and Everything Is Borrowed were not that great.

Upon listening to this album.
There were some tracks that had that glitchy digital sound on Outside Inside and Roof Of Your Car.
Parts of the albums sounded mainstream.

My favorite track in this album still has to be OMG, Blip On A Screen and Lock The Locks.
OMG is a fun dancey track but lyrics is kind of silly which is about Facebook.
Surprised that Clare Maguire is featured on the final track Lock The Locks which has this soul funky dance sound.

Overall, my take on the so called “final” album.
Would have thought he would go off with a bang.
It won’t be as significant from Original Pirate Material and A Grand Don’t Come for Free
But it doesn’t disappoint.
Best tracks:

Check out this cool interactive video.

I’d give Computers and Blues 8/10.
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