The Wooden Sky’s Bedrooms and Backstreets – Show Review

Just came back from a wonderful, intimate but hot and sweaty show at Canteen.
Playing were:
Old Crowns
Old Crowns @ Canteen
Wooden Sky
The Wooden Sky @ Canteen
It was part of Wooden Sky’s Bedrooms and Backstreets tour.

Today being so hot and humid, people actually came out and crowded the lovely art shop/gallery which was Canteen.
Lots of nice cupcakes (sadly I didn’t get to eat) and lemonade (The adult lemonade was a burst of “flavors” in my mouth) too.

The first band was Old Crowns.
They sounded good without the big speakers and went well acoustically.
Click here to hear the interview.
Old Crowns @ Canteen
Finally it was the Wooden Sky’s turn to play.
It was a wonderful they played.
Music was very folky rock and loved every moment of what the band sang.
They sang mostly from the upcoming album If I Don’t Come Home, You’ll Know I’m Gone, three tracks from their first album “When Lost At Sea” and songs from the EP “Bedrooms and Backstreets”.
The Wooden Sky @ Canteen
It was kind of stuffy that their last two songs, the band decided to have it out in the back of the store.
It was amazing that two people who are living in that area decided to come out and check out the music which they enjoyed.
The Wooden Sky @ Canteen
After their set I got a chance to do a quick interview and here it is.
With the heat, no one really care but just enjoyed the live music they played.
Got to thank Dario for putting on the show and the Inaas the owner of Canteen for having people cram into the shop gallery.

Hope they do something like this again.
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