The Elwins – Daughter Song [Music Video]

The Elwins dropped this emotional, serious and powerful from their upcoming albun IV which comes out on October 23, 2020 via heir own label called Pink Eye Recordings.
Daughter Song is a departure from their upbeat pop-rock sound to more a ballad style, maturing and a tearjerker of a song.
What adds to Daughter Song is the string arrangements that will pull you emotionally!
This is definitely one of their best songs they have recorded and shows their maturity as a band.
Sure left me teary eyed!

About the song:
“This song was a bit of a trip for me,” says Francesco Figliomeni.
“The lyrics and melody both basically came in one sitting and I felt really good about it. Even though I didn’t quite know what it was I was saying I felt really in tune with the emotion of it.
The band decided pretty early on in the process that they wanted to have some sort of string arrangement for it so we got in touch with the great Trey Pollard from Spacebomb Records whose work they have been fans of for a while now.

In talking with him it really felt like he knew what we were going for and funnily enough in his description of his arrangement he kinda summarized the song better than I had been able to: ‘the swimming feeling of getting lost thinking about the complexities of life’.”

Duaghter Song gets:

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