The Luyas and Adam Saikaley @ Raw Sugar Cafe

February is already here and the music scene for this month is going to be busy.
On February 1, 2010 Raw Sugar Cafe was busy with alot people which is a surprise being on a Monday.
Playing at Raw Sugar Cafe were:
The Luyas
The Luyas @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Adam Saikaley
Adam Saikaley (B&W)
Things was kind of hectic due to The Luyas setup being insane with alot of instruments
Finally got a chance to see The Luyas.
Just say I got my wish to see them play in Ottawa.

Adam Saikaley started off the show.
His setup was pretty interesting experimental set.
It was like noise but in a atmospheric fashion.
Seeing him had mics and headphones and VCRs.
Very interesting set by this talented musician.

Finally The Luyas played and it was a fun rocking set.
Mostly played materials from their album Faker Death.
Heard one new song from an upcoming album whenever the album will be released.
They sang a cover Radiohead’s Motion Picture Soundtrack, was totally brilliant to hear.
Jessie the lead singer was very funny and had that quirkiness when she bantered.
It was hard to photograph due to really low lights.
Totally enjoyed their music.
Very different from Torngat and Bell Orchestre.

Surprised that being on a Monday that people actually came to this show.
Totally happy now and had the Luyas experience!

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