Home – Engineers (Playing on HBO’s Big Love)

HBO sure knows how to pick out great songs for the show openings.
Case in point being the fourth season of Big Love (click on Wikipedia on what the show is about).
For those that want to know, my favorite character has to be Nicki (played by Chloë Sevigny) because that character is out of the norm, uptight Mormon and has the funniest/weirdest lines.
This season they changed the opening theme song from The Beach Boys’s “God Only Know” to Engineers “Home”.
So I decided to check out the British band’s 2005 debut album.
Maybe not alot of people may have heard of this band.

Besides Home which I have heard over and over by watching the opening theme.
The whole album has that melancholy dreamy pop sound and some British indie rock.
Very reminisced to The Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel (When I think of the song “The Only Living Boy in New York”)
It has that 1960s rock-pop sound influence.

Best tracks:

  • Home
  • Waved On
  • Forgiveness
  • Let’s Just See
  • Thrasher
  • How Do You Say Goodbye?

Overall I like this album.
At the moment I couldn’t find this album in normal music shops, so I had to purchase it on iTunes.
The album tends to be slow in certain parts for those not into the dreamy pop/post rock music.
Thanks to Big Love, it might get the band some notoriety with their music.
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  1. Greg

    I was so happy when I watched the first episode of this season of Big Love because of this song. I loved this song when their album came out in 2005 but sort of forgot about it until i saw this intro. I loved the Beach Boys intro to, but this new intro definitely makes me happy. And while Nikki may be the most interesting character, Margine is what really does it for me. 🙂

  2. Jay

    Does anyone know the name of the classical sounding music played at the endind credits of the 1/31/10 Big Love show?

  3. Joanne L.

    Regarding the new song at the beginning of each episode of this season’s Big Love, personally, I do not like it. The former song was much better sounding and more meaningful. Even the choreography at the beginning is not as good as the choreography in former seasons. They should have never changed it. In trying to change the entire beginning, they ruined it, in my opinion. They should revert back to the old song and choreography.

  4. Becca

    “God only knows” was so much better. The new opening stinks. The song and the video, both bad. Bring the Beach Boys back with the ice skating and cracking ice. It was awesome.

  5. Brian Spiegel

    i really want to know the name of the classical song they use in a few episodes in this new season. ive looked but cant find anything

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