The Luyas – Too Beautiful To Work [Review]

2011 has been a good year for Montreal acts releasing albums.
Now comes The Luyas with their second album Too Beautiful To Work.

What is significant is that this album is signed to Dead Oceans in the USA.
While in Canada it is on Idée Fixe Records.
Too Beautiful To Work drops on February 22nd.

It’s been awhile since they released their debut “Faker Death” in 2007.
I’ve first noticed them when I missed out at their Pop Montreal showcase in 2009 at Casa del Popolo in going to see Think About Life at L’Espace Reunion.
Anyways it wasn’t until early 2010 seeing a wonderful show at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Despite the leading single “Tiny Heads” being a somewhat dark sound, the rest of the tracks have an upbeat pop sound.
With the beginning track Too Beautiful To Work sounding very upbeat on the keyboards.
Canary the one track that is long, has this epic dreamy sound.
Cold Canada reminds me of a Sigur Ros track. Probably the one time that Pietro’s sort of sings.
The band seems to blend very well with the sound of Jessie’s vocals and moodswinger, Pietro’s French horn, Mathieu’s keyboard and Stefan’s drumming.
With “Too Beautiful To Work” they seem to step it up a notch in productions of sound and lyrical content.
Reminds me of a vocal version of Bell Orchestre and Torngat.
It’s a really beautiful album to listen.

Best tracks:

I’d give Too Beautiful To Work 10/10

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