The Murder Capital – Gigi’s Recovery [Streaming]

The Irish post-punk band The Murder Capital recently dropped their second album Gigi’s Recovery back in January.
If you like heavy post-punk alternative-rock this is something you will like to listen to.

About the album by the members:
“The story of Gigi is about returning to a place of strength and taking control of the few things that really matter.
Gigi’s Recovery looks to the future, by owning its past.”

While the material on When I Have Fears captured the vital beginnings of the group, the 12 songs of Gigi’s Recovery push the band into ever braver sonic territories, oceans apart from previous peers.
Ambition is put right at the front and center, with the inventive, expansive guitar work of Cathal Roper and Damien Tuit paired to a precise and intelligent rhythmic unit in bassist Gabriel Paschal Blake and drummer Diarmuid Brennan.

Electronic elements are noticeably more prominent across the record, with industrial influences explored in greater detail than ever before, James McGovern’s bold melodies acting as a reassuring anchor so we never get totally swept away into the band’s new found soundscape.

Gigi’s Recovery gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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