The Polytones and That’s The Spirit [Review]

Finally got time to listen to both albums by Ottawa bands
First being
The Polytone‘s 2005 album “You and I Were Made Of Dynamite” (Reminds of the Cranberrie’s first album title)
Second being That’s The Spirit‘s “Staying Places
Why I put those two together its because Ben Wilson is in both bands.
Listening to The Polytone‘s album
Its a poppy rock fun album.
First time I saw them live I was kind of put on the spot while taken a photo of the lead singer while she was taking her sweater off.
Shows you that the band is upbeat and fun while they are live.
Favorite tracks: Souvenir, King of Siam, Broken Stems, After The Show and Songs That You’ll Never Sing.

Not sure when they will make a new album.
While we wait, we are introduced with Ben’s side project called That’s The Spirit.
Its very different from his other band’s stuff.
Its more acoustic folky-rock-poppy sound style.
Very Neil Young influence sound.
The album is very mellow, slow, acoustic and soft.
There is a theme of loneliness and saddness.
Favorite tracks: Orienteering, Head For The Hills, The Blue Of Distance, Epic Advice and Lost In The Middle 8.

To me I find The Polytones is the girl’s perspective while That’s The Spirit is the guy’s perspective.

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