Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams [Streaming]

Timber Timbre‘s album “Hot Dreams,” released on April 1, 2014.
It’s clear that the album maintains the distinct atmosphere and moodiness that characterized the previous release, “Creep On Creepin On,” while incorporating new influences and elements.

The mention of a 60s doo-wop soul foundation with an added western cowboy darkness influence sets the stage for a unique and potentially eerie musical experience.
On specific tracks, such as the moody and sensual feeling in “Hot Dreams” with its notable saxophone part, and the Portishead-esque vibe in “Curtains!?” provide a glimpse into the album’s sonic diversity.

The juxtaposition of a wild west “yee-ha!” sound in “Grand Canyon” and the dark, creepy elements in “The New Tomorrow” highlights the album’s ability to traverse different musical territories while maintaining an overarching sense of unease.

The contrast between “Hot Dreams” and the earlier self-titled work suggests an evolution in Timber Timbre’s sound and artistic direction.
The phrase “Hot Dreams is more like a hot nightmare” encapsulates the haunting and atmospheric quality that Timber Timbre seems to bring to their music.

Best tracks:

Hot Dreams gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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