Top 40 Singles/Music Videos [Best of 2014]

Here is my Top 40 singles/music videos of 2014.
This list goes by what I have been playing the most on my listening devices or what I feel is the best music videos.
There maybe a few in the list that hasn’t had a official music video but actually released a single in either digital or 7″ form.
Hope you enjoy this list.

  1. Alvvays – Next of Kin (Song is catchy as hell and the music video reminds me of Enya’s Orinoco Flow)
  2. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (Definitely Taylor conquered 2014 with this song. You can’t literally shake this song off!)
  3. Austra – Habitat (Getting back to that dark electronica dance pop sound that made them popular. The track which has been played live and wasn’t on their album Feel It Break or Olympia finally sees the light of day.)
  4. Lykke Li – Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone (Heartbreaking as hell)
  5. Rich Aucoin – Are You Experiencing? (Love this video of the various parachutes that Rich does in his live shows)
  6. Caribou – Our Love (Heavy electro-dance track plus the music video is very morbid)
  7. Tops – Outside (So 80s and love the music video with it’s cool dance)
  8. Owen Pallett – Infernal Fantasy
  9. Cousins – Body (Love when the two members are duking it out on the boxing ring and song is so catchy)
  10. Chad VanGaeeln – Where Are You? (Love when Chad goes crazy epic experimental)
  11. First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining (Something about this song has this retro-country orchestral pop sound. Best part is at around 1:30 minute in the music video where they go “OOOOHHH” which just gives you a chill down your spine)
  12. Mozart’s Sister – Enjoy
  13. Mac DeMarco – Passing Out The Pieces
  14. Absolutely Free – Beneath The Air (Psychedelic trip on the painting)
  15. HSY – Cyber Bully
  16. Beta/Mai – Never Enough (This song gets you butt shaking!)
  17. The Dirty Nil – Cinnamon (The part when Luke drops the F-Bomb just gets to me)
  18. A Sunny Day in Glasgow – In Love With Useless (Favorite part in the song where the lyrics goes “Antipsychotics sink to the bottom. Think of it, death as something. Antipsychotics sink to the bottom. Dreams that were buried coming up.”)

  19. Weaves – Buttercup
  20. The War on Drugs – Red Eyes
  21. Purity Ring – Push Pull (Single came out late this year and decide to put it on the list)
  22. FKA Twigs – Two Weeks (The music video is so Aaliyah inspired or a hommage)
  23. The Yips – Point Dume (While I prefer Repeater as the leading single, this will do. Directed by Ottawa’s Travis Boisvenue)
  24. Dirty Beaches – Stateless (Final material under the Dirty Beaches moniker.)
  25. Angel Olsen – Hi-Five
  26. TuNe-YaRdS – Water Fountain (What a trippy music video very much inspired from those 1980s kids show)
  27. St. Vincent – Digital Witness
  28. Greys – Use Your Delusions (Is this shot at the Great Hall?)
  29. Stars – From the Night (Nice to see Montreal’s night life through the eyes of the members)
  30. Beta Frontiers feat. Carmen Elle – So Cold
  31. Perfect Pussy – Drive (While I love Big Stars and no music video from it. This track will do and shows how crazy they are on their live shows)
  32. Ought – Habit (While they have no official music video but this song from their debut album is so dope)
  33. Arcade Fire – We Exist (Pretty moving music video is all I have to say)
  34. Cibo Matto – Hotel Valentine/Déjà Vu

  35. Sia – Chandelier (The dance that everyone is spoofing or imitating)
  36. Coldplay – Magic (I have a soft spot for Zhang Ziyi)

  37. Fucked Up – Sun Glass
  38. Sam Smith – I’m Not The Only One (What a heartbreaking song and has that retro R&B sound to it)
  39. Zeus – Miss My Friends
  40. Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams (Only thing redeeming is hearing Colin Stetson plays his saxophone)

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