Torngat, Orienteers and Musk Ox @ Zaphods

Tonight I went to Zaphods and it was a night filled of instrumental music.
But in a indie pop/rock experimental style.
Three instrumental bands, two from Ottawa and one from Montreal.
They were:
Musk Ox
It was fun night and it was so laid back.
First time that people sat on the floors at Zaphods.

First act was Musk Ox.
It was three people in the band, usually it would be Nathanaël Larochette since he is the only sole member.
Their set was great.
One member did the cello and the other did the clarinet.
Very mellow and dream-like.
They did have one song which there was singing.
Finally talked to Nathanaël Larochette and is a really nice person.
You got to check them out and attend their shows.

After them was Orienteers.
Ben Wilson is in that band, he is also in That’s The Spirit and The Polytones.
Another instrumental experimental band.
They had abit of folksy sound, one of the members was using the slide guitar.
Another laid back set.
Interestingly enough people sat on the floor for their set.
First time that I have been going to Zaphods, actually see people sitting on the floor.

Then Torngat played.
This was my first time to check them out.
They played alot of newer songs from their new album “La Petite Nicole”.
One of the member is in Bell Orchestre and used to play in Arcade Fire (Lucky him).
Their music was truly amazing, I was so blown away.
Had that magical moment with their technic and style.
Great to hear instrumental music that isn’t classical.
Makes its very hip for everyone to enjoy.
Can’t wait for Bell Orchestre in a few weeks.
What a night for instrumental bands to play at Zaphods.


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