Utada – This Is The One (Review)

This is my first review on here that I am going to feature a Japanese artist.
I rarely feature any Asian artists, mostly because I’ve sort of lost track or the music scene is not what it used to be during 1998-2004 era.
Utada Hikaru is a popular Japanese singer and I’ve been a big fan of her music since she debuted with her record breaking Japanese album FIRST LOVE in 1998.
Born in USA but later raised in Japan.
All I have to say is, that girl can really sing in Japanese and English.
This is her second English album and it just happened to be quietly released out of nowhere.
Its $7.99 right now on iTunes.
Hoping “This Is The One” that will be her breakthrough in the American market.

I have to say with most Japanese artist that want to break it in the American market, it is a hard thing to do.
She is trying to make it thru and with her background she can still do it.
With most of them they will translate with their Japanese hit songs into English.
Utada doesn’t do that, she writes what she feels and not just using her old Japanese hits into English.
The new album “This Is The One” has a R&B flavor feel to it.
I think it suits her alot if you go back to FIRST LOVE or even the CUBIC U album.
There are some poppy ballads like Come Back To Me, Merry Christmas Mr.Lawerence – FYI (which she samples a Ryuichi Sakamoto track) and This One (Crying Like A Child).
I thought Automatic, Pt.II was her first Japanese song but it isn’t.
It is a totally different song and has that R&B/Hip-hop song.
There are alot of dancing tracks like Dirty Desire and On & On.

I actually like this album than her first English album Exodus which I felt was all over the map with the genre of music.
Hikki is definitely want to sing what she wants to sing and be in charge with her music.

I’m glad she went back to her R&B roots since I am enjoying.
When I hear her other Japanese album she keeps changing her style of music.
If she would have went to the Pop-rock experimental route then it would be lost.
She is singing that people could relate to.
Like singing about relationship, love, breaking up and partying.

Best Tracks:

  • Come Back To Me
  • Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence – FYI
  • Taking My Money Back
  • Automatic, Pt.II
  • Dirty Desire
  • On and On

Great album by a talented artist.
Can Utada Hikaru be the saving grace for the Asian artist getting into the music scene?

Going way back with her Japanese music and I still love this song Hikari (aka Simple & Clean for the English market)

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