Westfest 2009

June 14th I attended the 6th annual Westfest in Ottawa.
If you don’t know, Westfest is a festival that takes place in Westboro. Also its a free concert that takes place all day in a park.
I happen to attend the Sunday event since I had a busy schedule for Friday and Saturday.

Sunday was the talents of Ottawa musicians and bands.
Playing were:

Diversity range from pop, orchestral pop, jazz/blues, latin, rock, ska, folk and alternative.
Show off the showcase of what Ottawa has to offer in the music scene.
It was a fun day to attend this.

Jenna Taggart:
She sang alot of covers like Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy, Jewel’s Foolish Games, Amanda Marshall’s I Believe In You and Let It Rain, Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours and many more.
Westfest: Jenna Taggart

Glenn Nuotio:
I’ve seen him a bunch of times, it was sort of a unofficial CD Release since he released his first EP.
It was a “clean” theme since Westfest is a family event and had to tone down the stories of which the song is about.
But it was nice he bought out bubbles for the kids and it was great promoting for the parents to buy the CDs but he decided to give it away for free. Nice to see the kids ran as quickly to get the bubbles and see them having fun blowing the bubbles.
Westfest: Glenn Nuotio

Jenna Glatt:
She sung in the style of jazz/blues and such a talented singer.
Love when she sang Norah Jones’s Don’t Know Why. Somehow I felt she should have sang Fever.
Westfest: Jenna Glatt

Sarandonga Tropical Band:
This is when the fun was starting.
They are a latin band and their music is very dancey.
Some people who were there started to get off the ground and dance to the latin music.
They did a cover of Coldplay’s Clock which was very flavor-full.
Westfest: Sarandonga Tropical Band

Boom Creek:
Very loud band, which is all I have to say.
Westfest: Boom Creek

This is when alot of people starting dancing to the ska flavor of the set.
Nice to see young and old dancing to them.
Westfest: Rudeboy

Davey Draves:
Started to get mellow with folk-rock music.
Very weird, he almost talk like Jim Bryson since he joins him when he tours.
And he did some of the music for him.
Nice set.
Westfest: Dave Draves

The Acorn:
Nuff said, great set for since they have been away from Ottawa for awhile opening up for Fleet Foxes, Elbow and Bon Iver in Europe.
Heard like 2 new songs.
Surprise with the turnout considering of all the Acorn shows I’ve attended being that of a 19+ show.
There were some people under 19 that were at the show.
Shows that they have a growing fanbase who are under 19.
Westfest: The Acorn


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