Yoo Doo Right – Presto Presto, Bella’s Dream [Listen]

Today Yoo Doo Right dropped the single for Presto Presto, Bella’s Dream.
The third track is taken from their upcoming debut album of the same name which comes out on May 21, 2021 via Mothland.
The track is a dream-rock soundscape.

About the track:
Inspired by the pounding rhythmic improvisations found in krautrock, the group wed noisy, melodic guitar parts, effect-heavy synthesizer soundscapes, nonchalant bass grooves and patented percussive furies into a literal wall of sound.

Justin Cober (guitar, synthesizers, vocals), Charles Masson (bass) and John Talbot (drums, percussions), in their honest approach to experimentation, engage with elements of shoegaze, post-rock and psychedelia, crafting a unique sound that could be described as a “car crash in slow motion”.

Presto Presto, Bella’s Dream gets:

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