Young Clancy & Chris LaRocca – Might Could [Music Video]

Toronto artist Young Clancy and Chris LaRocca released the music video for Might Could.
A nice smooth R&B/soul track that has that 90s throwback sound.

About the song:
“MIGHT COULD” continues the “short” track release campaign, as Young Clancy gears up for the release of his new album, SOMETHING SOMETHING TAPE, this coming spring 2021.

Young Clancy made the initial instrumental with Gray Rowan at his studio.
He remembered it was the night they found out that the NBA season was cancelled because of COVID… probably the last time he would be in the studio with someone else for several months…
Just before or after the proper lockdown started, he sent Chris the instrumental with a few vocal ideas.
It took him a while, understandably, to get back.
Young Clancy was so happy when he did.
As with everyone on the project, it was special to see him for the video shoot after only communicating virtually for the last six months or so.
The timing worked so we were able to come by a week or two before Toronto went into lockdown again.
He has one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen.

Might Could gets:

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