11 Years and still going…

Who knew it was one year when the first case of COVID-19 hit Ottawa.
That was when the whole world stopped.
2020 was supposed to be a wonderful year where it was 10 years that I had my website going.
But it was something to stop and reminisce to what you have done since time goes very fast.
As a reminder, March 5, 2010 was the launch date of this site but technically I’ve been photographing around 2008.
With no concerts to photograph, it made me pivot to make post what albums, singles and music video to check out.
This site is not as a big player for all things music and not get the recognition from other website (who shall be nameless).
There is a search bar so you find out which bands have been covered from small to big.
Since I am the only person who still runs this site
But I seem to handle doing this well on my own and great at multitasking.
That is why getting a radio show can be handy at times!
While there will be highs and lows in the music scene.
I will still enjoy it as it happens while times are so tough.
Too many people to thank but you know who you are.
Here is to more years capturing the music scene in Ottawa and beyond.
We know that the pandemic has totally changed the landscape.
Let’s hope for building from the bottom up to the music scene.

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