Michael C. Duguay – Unprecedent EP [Music Video]

After dropping the 2020 album The Winter of our Discotheque via So Sorry Records.
Today, Michael C. Duguay dropped the music video EP for Unprecedent.
Three wonderful performances of indie alt-country canadiana folk music.

About the EP:
Titled ‘Unprecedent’, this EP which is exclusively on Youtube features live performance videos of three new, unreleased songs drawn from a body of work that Michael composed in the very early days of the pandemic during hard lockdown.
These songs seek to make meaning of influence, governance, estrangement, inheritance, screen-time, appropriation, paternalism, social unrest, social distancing, social media, socialism, and the barrage of thoughts and anxieties that surfaced, for Michael, in the spring of 2020.
These videos were filmed by Kingston filmmaker, Josh Lyon, in October 2020, and feature the musical contributions of Liam Cole (Little Kid, Dorothea Paas, Decoration Day), Jason Mercer (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Ani Difranco, Ron Sexmsith), and Teilhard Frost (Sheesham & Lotus, Klave Y Kongo, Jenny Whiteley), was engineered by Dylan Lodge, and mixed by Jason Mercer.
This was the sort of serendipitous, incidental band that could only have come together as the small region of Frontenac county was ushered into the eye-of-the-storm green zone status, allowing four music-starved musicians with no history of working together the fleeting opportunity to responsibly play and commune with music after months of forced abstinence and withdrawal.
Stylistically, this work deviates from both the dark cosmic-country/gothic americana of his last record and the avant-garde reinterpretation series that followed, and pays homage to his country-western and bluegrass-oriented adolescence and musical upbringing in Peterborough, where, as a teenager, Michael performed in The Silver Hearts and with Washboard Hank, and later with Nick Ferrio, The Burning Hell and Evening Hymns.

Unprecedent EP gets:

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